Wonderfully, Wise Women

Two years ago, I was asked to participate in a choral reading to raise money for Devorah's Door, a non-profit organization which provides funds for abused women to have their smashed-in doors fixed and their locks changed.

The unusual thing about this reading was that each of the participants read her own poetry. The poetry was interspersed with Taiko drumming (traditional Japanese drums used for performance art and ceremonies).

What was amazing about this performance was not that we each recited or performed our own work, or that we raised a couple of thousand dollars for Devorah's Door. What was amazing was how we raised the consciousness around women's body image, for others as well as ourselves.

The media has for too many years played with the minds and hearts of women around the world. We look at the magazines or TV, videos or in the movies and we see these "perfect" women. Who ever said they were perfect?

One of my dear daughters was in the audience the night of the performance. Looking at her smiling face and glistening eyes, I knew I had done well. She had just recently overcome an eating disorder. The words spoken by a stage full of women from twenty to seventy, amidst the ancient drumming touched her soul, deep, deep inside.

We became mirrors for each other...one young, tall, thin with shining ash hair and bright blue eyes, the other middle-age, short, round with salt and pepper hair and crazy cats eyes that change color depending on mood or what I wear.

There we were, two wonderfully, wise women...perfect just the way we are!

The Cast of Body Language

This is the poem I performed at the reading:


Wasn’t tall and skinny
With blonde hair swaying,
Or make-up perfectly painted,
Designer clothed.

is soft and cuddly.
Gray curls cupping her chin,
Laugh lines and wrinkles
Clothing her face.

I was a carpenter’s dream,
Surfer’s delight,
Flat as a board,

Until... four babies later...

The roundness of my body
Delights me!

Find comfort
In the curves.
Pleasure radiates in
Their softness.

Like Momma, I am a real woman!

11/04 © LMRN

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An Kaya said…
Dear wise Linda,
I love your blog and the feelings you are sharing.
Your poem filled my eyes with tears (these day that's veeeeery common in me.
I fight each day for being a wise womsn.
Kisses from
carla said…
Dear Linda,

You've already established your own blogging style, which I'm sure will turn into a very powerful element for the ones who are reading you.

The way you write deeply touches me. I just loved what you said about women. I feel like Andrea...Every day I try to be wiser through the people I get to know and learn from.

You are an excellent blogger! After all, isn't it all about making it personal?

Thanks for sharing and eager to read more of your thoughts.


Maite said…
Dear Linda,

Your blog feels like a place to relax, the what and how is said. You have a nice way to share more emotions that information that kind of settles me down for one minute in a busy day.

Thank you....picture looks perfect to me.
Nora said…
Dear Linda,
Wonderful poem! Especially in this times in which we are all fighting eating disorders. I think it would be great to use it with teenagers and discuss it deeply.
Really moving.
Mary H said…
Hi Linda,

What a beautiful and inspirational collection of poems! Please keep sharing your creativity with us.

Mary H
DenmanJ said…
I agree with Carla: the most powerful aspect of your blog is that it has its own style. That trait will probably become more and more precious as blogging becomes more common!

Stay true to yourself!

Jenny in Delft
Sasa S said…
I love your song. It reminds me of my mum, she was also like that. She's no longer with us, but when I close my eyes, her warmth and softness and smell is as live as ever.
I'm that other, flat and skinny type. When 2 years old, my son once bumped into my hip trying to hold me - this remained visibel on his forhead for the whole afternoon... :-(
Anyway, round or thin, I like people who are comfortable with themselves.

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