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Reflections on Life at 67 and One Day

Yesterday, after work on Zoom was complete and before I ate a scrumptious dinner of baked haddock and fresh coleslaw, I participated in the virtual #WilltoRun challenge facilitated by the @ARunningPassion.  I walked the 5K of this challenge.   This was my second 5K. The first was several years ago in Portsmouth, NH. I did it with my youngest daughter. She ran, I walked pushing a carriage with my two grandsons up and down the hills of the town!  I came in just in time to hear my number announced as a winner of a gift certificate.  I was ecstatic!  Not because of the prize, but because I finished my first 5K ever! But, I digress...the reason for this post today...the day after my natal anniversary is to share with you some of what I reflected on during my 70 minute walk.  Life needs to be pondered from time to time.  At 67, why not?! As I meditated on what it meant to be 67 years old, I realized how blessed I am. I am a woman rich in daughters - my four by birth and many others by soul c