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Stacy Green - Into the Dark

Thanks to Linda for letting me visit today. Since her blog is about the good things in life, I thought I’d talk a little bit about love stories.    I’m not a true romance author. I write suspense and thrillers, but I love to have a good romance in the book as well, even if it comes second to the main plot. In my debut novel, INTO THE DARK, my heroine Emilie hasn’t had a bit of luck in the romance department, and she’s not looking to change that. But when she’s held hostage and ultimately stalked, she winds up falling for the hostage negotiator who helped to save her. Of course Nathan has his own issues, and because their budding romance is driven by the main plot, the love story develops on a slow burn.   And I wouldn’t have it any other way, because the best part about falling in love is the dance in the beginning. Don’t get me wrong–I’ve been happily married over 13 years and we still have an amazing time together–but I have a lot of special memories about our f

When Words Are Gone

Angel of Grief (Photo credit: eklektik2xs ) I have spent the last two days trying to wrap my head around the horrific tragedy that took place, not more than 200 miles from our home.  As a writer, I felt called to write something...but nothing came. As a mother and grandmother, I felt called to say something...but nothing came.  As a seminarian, I felt called to do something...and, when the moment came, I did what felt best. I hugged those closest to me; I told those, who I could not hug, that they were loved; and I sat down to share this on my blog. Someone said to me, yesterday, that the world has become crazier.  I responded, after a brief pause with, "No it hasn't, we just hear about the craziness quicker and more often, now.  The world has always been this crazy."  Think about it...50 years ago, we had to wait at least 24 hours to hear about a major event happening in the US, it took even longer if the event was somewhere overseas.  Today, not only do we hear ab