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Words of Condolence

Photo Credit: By Marcusmoseley (Own work)  [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons Our guest blogger is Suzie Kolber, writes for a much needed resource - .   The following are some thoughts about how to express words of condolence. How to Express Condolences to Someone You Love  It is customary to send condolences to the bereaved when someone dies, but sending condolences to someone you love, someone you’re extremely close to can be a difficult task. When sending condolences to a person or family that you didn’t know so well, the emotional impact is not so intens e; you are sad for them, but not overwhelmingly so. But if it’s a close family or friend to whom you’re expressing your sympathies, the feelings are much stronger. It can be quite difficult to sit down and write that heartfelt expression without being overcome with emotions yourself. The following article mentions some things to keep in mind when expressing condolences to close family members of