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Honoring a Hero

The prompt yesterday for Poem-a-day was to write a historic poem, then today, we were to write a poem about a moment. This is my combination of both.

Four Seasons of Inspiration

More Poem-a-day poems to share.  These are from the prompt to write a seasonal poem.  Haiku is perfect for this prompt.  

verdant sprouts push 
up through the thawing tundra 
messengers of hope


beside lapping waves 
children play long into day 
late to bed the sun


on the forest floor 
two red leaves cling together 
too soon for goodbye


poor little sparrow 
huddling at my window 
blizzard winds roaring 

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Early Morning Writings

The April Poem-a-day Challenge is upon us. While some writers find it a challenge to get up each morning and write a poem, I find it to be a perfect meditation to get the life-blood flowing.

Here are some of what I have created in the wee hours...

Prompt: things are not as they appear poem.