Early Morning Writings

The April Poem-a-day Challenge is upon us. While some writers find it a challenge to get up each morning and write a poem, I find it to be a perfect meditation to get the life-blood flowing.

Here are some of what I have created in the wee hours...

Prompt: things are not as they appear poem.

Mountains backlit in the peachy-pink
of a stormy morning’s sun –
a valley ripe with harvest
wrapped around a quaint village
of red-roofed stucco houses
that encircle an ancient church
built by Crusaders in years forgotten.
He had promised that she would never
forget this view, this landscape they loved.
Good to his word, he built their home
high on a hill and facing east, a window,
on which the master painted the coup l’oeil
from the memories of her heart.
LMRN © 2015

Prompt: a mystery poem

The Case of the Perplexing Postcards
They found the box as they cleared
the treasures of a lifetime.
Inside, postcards from around the world -
and back again -
On them, messages -
one-line love notes -
"You are my everything,"
"The moon wore your face, tonight,"
"Always, you are in my heart,"
all written in a strange hand -
all signed exactly the same -
"Yours, forever times infinity, X"
They read each one -
secrets of the past never seen before -
like the burial treasure of a pharaoh's tomb,
the postcards held a mystery.
This was not their father's signature!
Who was X?
Who knew their mother so intimately?
Why had she never told them?
The postmark dates varied,
beginning when the mother was
just a wisp of a woman -
young and fragile -
to just a few months ago.
That postcard, presenting
a wild beach somewhere tropical,
declared, "I will meet you behind the veil."
Did mother die of a broken heart?
Was X dead, too?
The labyrinth of love
loses those not meant
to know what the heart holds...

LMRN © 2015



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