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The Gift of Giving

For years, I have struggled to maintain balance during the holidays. You know, you promise yourself that this year will be different. Less stress, more fun, less credit, more handmade gifts, less running around, more time with loved ones. Nice concept, but really hard to do! How do we create a more balanced atmosphere during the holidays? First, for me, was realizing the reason we celebrate this time of year. There is no coincidence that all the major religions have holidays during December. It is the "Season of Light" for many reasons. So, whether you have an established belief system or are among those who diligently follow the seasons, re-connecting with the particular reason for celebrating can be an "enlightening" experience! Second, I prioritized. I looked at the myriad opportunities I had to celebrate and I weeded out all the things that were not crucial. My priorities surrounded doing things or going places that would enrich my spirit or give me an

The Giving of Thanks

It's the day after Thanksgiving. The leftovers have been stored. Already, folks are saying, "What, turkey again!" Those that over-indulged yesterday are working on the diets they said they would start. Life goes on. I wonder, at the end of today, how many of us will give thanks? What about next week, next month, next year? Thanksgiving, like Valentine's Day, and Mother and Father's Day, is a holiday that I think should be celebrated every day of the year. Just think how much richer our lives would be if, every day, not just once a year, we celebrated "the Giving of Thanks." Gratitude is such a wonderful gift to give ourselves as well as others. I challenge the readers of this blog to begin a new year, beginning today, by taking a moment each day to give thanks. Reflect on your day. Look at how, even the moments that were most difficult, helped bring you to where you needed to be. Sometimes, hindsight being 20/20, we don't see how adversity is a bless