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Myrna Smith - Being in the Presence of Love

Being in the Presence of Love: Zdenko Arsenijvevic  by Myrna J. Smith  When Zdenko Arsenijevic spoke to me across his desk that first time in 2006, I felt bathed in love. How he conveyed such love I am not sure. Maybe it was those sparkling eyes, that golden voice, that lovely smile, or an unnamable essence that came from his heart. I had recently returned from a long stay in India and was looking to continue my spiritual pursuits. More urgently, I wanted help with some health issues people often experience after traveling in India that, in my case, traditional medicine seemed unable to resolve. I began going to alternative healers and ended up at the Arsenijevic Healing Center then in Philadelphia and now in Doylestown, Pa. As we talked, I realized not all great spiritual teachers live in India.  During the year I attended Zdenko’s classes, I saw him in a variety of settings: as a teacher, a healer and a father. He wasn’t always gentle; he seemed to sense when people ne

Enlightenment! Transformative Travel Coaching

Photo Credit: All rights reserved (c) 2015 Linda M. Rhinehart Neas When Deidra Razzaque told me about her idea for coaching people who traveled, I was greatly intrigued.  I had just return from my dream trip to Ireland and had some idea of how magical the trip was.  I knew I wanted to take my experiences and create book.  However, I was stuck as to how to begin. Sitting down with Deidra was like sitting down to tea with a dear friend.  Before we even began to speak, she set the tone with a lovely reflection. Next, she simply asked me to tell her about my trip. We spoke for about an hour.  Every so often, Deidra would ask a question that sparked a memory or ignited a new way to think of what I had experienced.   At the end of our chat, she pointed out that I had mentioned the number four several times.  She suggested that I might meditate on this number, perhaps there was more to it than simply repetition. After Deidra left, I felt so excited.  I actually co

Transformative Travel Coaching

Today, we have a guest blogger, Deidra Razzaque, with whom I had an amazing coaching session during which we discussed my recent trip to Ireland.  I will save my insights for another day so that you can learn what Transformative Travel Coaching is and why I recommend it for anyone who travels! Deidra writes: We are all travelers. Whether or not we ever leave the place where we were born, each of us is constantly journeying toward living as our highest self, and expressing all the ways we are uniquely meant to shine. But when we travel physically, we shake things up in our lives, and we access our own wisdom in new ways. At its best, physical travel is like shaking a snow globe filled with glitter. It shifts everything in our world for a time, and when the glitter settles we are left feeling a greater sense of wonder, no matter what scene we are a part of.  Many of you know that Linda recently traveled to Ireland. When she learned about my work as a coach, she sugges