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Me, too! and Worlds Apart

"Worlds Apart" - (c) 2018 LM Neas I have sat on the sidelines listening to the many revelations that have taken place since the "Me, too!" campaign began.  How heartbreaking to learn that so many people (both men and women) have been sexually assaulted or abused.  However, in listening and watching, what I find disturbing is the McCarthy-istic trend into which the media seems to be heading. The desire to keep the news fresh and  scintillating should not overshadow the responsibility of checking facts or remembering that people are innocent until proven guilty.  What I am seeing happening is that leading news organizations, as well as tabloids found beside the check-out counters, are grabbing at every bit of inappropriate behavior, hyperbolizing much of it, ruining careers, and causing more pain and anguish. Don't get me wrong. I believe that those who have used sex as a tool for power and gain should be held responsible for their acts. But,

Backyard blessings

Catbird at the suet feeder outside my window I love learning about nature. For last several years, our garden has been the home to a catbird family. I had been told that local farmers consider them a nuisance because they love to eat blueberries and raspberries. I must say, I took little notice of them...until now. This year, we put up suet. I found one that had fruit in it and thought it would be a treat. (The package said it would draw songbirds!) Early one morning in April I spied the catbird with his  distinctive  chestnut colored patch under his tail. He and his mate love the suet!  This surprised me, so I did some research.  Catbirds are actually quite amazing. They winter in the tropics amongst Mayan ruins and in Florida as well as the Caribbean. No wonder they like fruit! They are also quite talented singers. Early in the morning, when I leave for work, they are singing. They mimic other birds and, of course, make cats sounds. Since our green border has grown in,