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One Draft, Two Drafts, Three Drafts, Four!

For the past month, I have been revising my next book of poetry.  I am on Draft Four! (Capitalized in respect for the process of revision.) Writers who say they don't revise their work are selling more than their words in ink and paper.  True, revision is the bane of a writer's life.  Certainly, it is mine!  BUT, without revisions, we don't give our readers the best of ourselves.    For example, I was sure after the third revision that I was ready to rock and roll.  However, when my editor opened the first page, there was a word that hit him square between the eyes.  I had written the word "got" rather than "had" or "receive."  So, back to the computer I go. That said, I hope to have my book up and ready for sale by September 18.  This is my goal.  Let's hope that the 4th Draft is the last. More to come as soon as we are up and ready to be viewed. Fingers crossed!


Spent some time with my grandchildren last week.  What fun we had reading books, splashing in puddles, watching ants and racing cars across the living room rug. As an educator, I love watching how the kids develop.  Their little minds just seem to run full tilt sometimes.  I was amazed to watch my grandchildren figure out problems by themselves.  I also enjoyed listening to their often profound questions. Grandson #2 tested my ability to come up with creative answers, however.  "Why?" was his favorite question the entire time I was there. Made me wonder if his little mind ever rested. But, what a gift it is to have children that ask questions. (Even if they do drive you nuts sometimes!) Here are some of the questions I danced around. Why do ants like mud? Why are you stay with us? Why do you like to sing songs? Meena, why are you Mommy's mommy? Why can't I find my red car you gave me? (I have given him several, so finding the right one was a challenge