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The Cactus Couch

Photo from Bing   Do you think you could ever get comfortable on a cactus couch?  I saw this on a post a friend put up talking about chronic pain.  The minute I read the caption, I knew this was a great analogy for sharing just what it is like to live with chronic pain. I have been blessed to be able to control the pain I have from arthritis and fibromyalgia for many years now without prescription medication. Unfortunately, the last thirteen months has increased my stress levels to the point that I am out of remission. This means, I I cannot take pain meds. I react badly to them. I take extra strength Tylenol and sleep.  Usually, that gives me the edge I need to keep going forward. The past two weeks, this isn't working well, so I have returned to what I did almost 15 years ago, now, and that is cut back, regroup, rest, and try to be gentle with myself.  A lot easier said than done! Thing that really causes people with chronic pain, or invisible diseases, i