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There Can Be Miracles: The power of faith - Guest Post

Today, I have the pleasure of sharing my blog with author, Lynda Faye Schmidt .  Her newest book, The Holding is being released today, so we are celebrating with this blog post. I want to thank Lynda for her words and for the courage to share herself with the readers. I would also like to thank her publisher, Anne O'Connell for the opportunity to read and review The Holding .   There Can Be Miracles: The power of faith  by Lynda Faye Schmidt The world is weary, the energy is heavy, two years later and Covid still a force to be reckoned with. Fear, lockdowns, restrictions, illness and death have taken a toll on everyone across the globe in some form or another. It can be easy to get caught up in the negativity when it seems to come at us from every tv channel, newspaper, and social media platform. But we don’t have to. We have a choice how we respond to life’s challenges. In my opinion, our attitude, beliefs, mind-set and faith, all fall under a similar umbrella. They are choices w

The Holding: A review

  In The Holding , author Lynda Faye Schmidt masterfully weaves together a story of a father's love and his daughter's struggle with childhood trauma.   Cate Henderson, the protagonist of this novel, struggles from childhood with the after-effects of childhood sexual abuse, bullying and dysfunctional relationships. However, throughout her life, her anchor - her rock, is her father whose love is unconditional and constant. Even when she cannot see her worth, her father always does. What I found in this novel was that Lynda has the ability to talk about the tough subjects of abuse - in all its various forms - while creating a story woven with hope and healing.  The character, Cate, uses a journal to keep her dark secrets as well as her dreams and hopes. Journaling has been well documented as a means of healing from all forms of illness, addiction, abuse, and mental issues. This novel gives a powerful example of this. I highly recommend this book because of its message of hope in