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New Book by Mary Maurice

The Suicide Letters of Jack Monroe  by Mary Maurice is a psychological journey travelled through the letters of Jack and a woman named Susan Jordan. From his first letter to Susan, the reader is drawn into a web of intrigue and mystery. Who is Jack and why is he writing so prolifically to Susan?  Why does she take so long to answer him?  Author, Mary Maurice's poetic prose of her descriptions of the Southwest cast a gentle light on the weighty subject of suicide. The letters read as if someone is speaking to you, personally, pulling the reader into the drama.  If you enjoy psychological mysteries, this book will certainly get your Jungian sensibilities peeked. I enjoy mysteries, which is why I signed up to host this book for its maiden blog tour.  A warning, though: as I read through the chapters, I quickly realized that this was also a psychological drama that might cause issues for those with PTSD. There are portrayals of the suicide of a parent as witnessed by a youn

Ponderings on the 65th

Me on the occasion of my first birthday! I am at the end of my natal anniversary and thought I would share some thoughts and wisdom from 65 years on this beautiful, blue planet we call home with gratitude to all who have traveled this journey with me. I would love to share 65 bits of enlightenment, but perhaps we will go with nine as that is my favorite number and the number of my birth month as well as the total number of my birth day and year.  1. Love is the most powerful force on Earth. Never let time pass without telling those you love that you love them.  Tomorrow is not promised to any of us. 2. Children are our greatest asset. We are all responsible for maintaining and healing our Mother, Earth for them. 3. Dancing at random moments in the kitchen or out in the driveway or in the grocery store aisle with the one you love is such a gift, to yourself, your partner and anyone who gets the privilege of witnessing the dance. 4. Never - NEVER - forget to say thank you