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To resolve or not resolve, that is the question!

Many of you who know me well know that I am not one to follow blindly the trends of others. In fact, tenacity r' us, especially when I feel strongly about something.So it is, also, with some of our traditions.

Whoever came up with the idea that in order to make a resolution you have to give something up? Why do we take the negative view on things? It only defeats the purpose.

"Giving up" food we love, things we like to do, etc., sets us into a negative frame of mind. Is it no wonder that we fail to keep our resolutions?Being positive, I believe, helps make things happen. If I resolve to allow myself more time to walk each day, I will eventually begin to see a change in my body. Exercise is good for the metabolism. This idea is so much more positive than, "I am not going to eat." The "not" is what gets us subconsciously.

Therefore, the resolutions I want to make this New Year's Eve are:

I will allow myself more time for walks, dancing and pla…

From the Poet's Soul

I have sat here before, in this little chair beside the windows of the garden looking for inspiration. Almost always, the Muse meets me halfway and the words flow onto the screen. Yet, today, I feel empty of words, empty of ideas.

Resolution: Never give up hope! (Never, say never!) Hope eternally!

So, I look into the archives...the dusty pages of hand written scribblings, the faded pages of type from my old typewriter (yes, many of my first poems were typewritten, literally!). I find a few offerings, my New Year's gift to you all.


Holding the pen,
I strain to push thoughts
onto the paper.

My being is heavy
with the memories of the past,
thoughts for the future,
and reflections on the duties
due the present.

The phrases that appear
have no rhyme,
no reason.

Frustration and weariness
push dreams away...
the words are gone...
I am empty.

The mind would continue this madness,
but the heart rules.
Rest and quiet will fill the empty spaces.
Sleep will bring inspiration,
then, it will be tim…
A gift of Poetry and Photo's from my home to yours! Peace, Love and Light, Linda

Fluid grace…
Beauty in motion…
Gliding and turning across an icy stage
Two bodies move as one,
Etching love letters on a crystal page.

© 1983 LMRN

Winter Scene - South Deerfield, MA


After the plow has turned the fields under,
The harvest of the heart yielding all it will,
They must lie fallow for a bit.
In the cold, dark winter of the soul
The spirit heals and is renewed.
Until the first dawn of Spring'
When seeds of joy and peace and love
Bloom under a gentle hand.

© 12-01 LMRN York, Maine

Prayer flags in our yard


Harvest gold flora crunches
Beneath our boots
As we climb the rolling hills
That lead us to Dusk.
Like a great Victorian lady,
Sky wears a lace collar at her throat.
The intricate designs are held fast
By well-rooted birch and maple.

Atop the knoll we look
Down on a Robert Frost scene...
Farm houses punctuating the
Well-worked land.
Horses curiously watching
Our meandering…


Webster's defines "tradition" as: 1. the handing down of statements, beliefs, legends, customs, information, etc., from generation to generation, esp. by word of mouth or by practice; 2. something that is handed down; 3. a long established or inherited way of thinking or acting; 4. a continuing pattern of cultural beliefs or practices; ...The definition goes on for several more explanations, but I think you get the idea.

Growing up, we had a few traditions. Some were so entrenched in our lives that we didn't realize they were traditions until we stopped practicing them. Things like, Wednesday was spaghetti night; Saturday, we had beans and franks; and on Sundays we usually had a sit-down meal at around 2 o'clock. We called it dinner, which cracks my daughters up every time I ask, "So what's for dinner?" They call it supper.

Other traditions were explained in sincere, one on one talks, like when my Mom told me why we went to church on Sunday or wh…