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For Those Gone Too Soon

For Those Gone Too Soon            by Linda M. Rhinehart Neas  The mind searches –    Within the mind palace - What were the last words spoken ?  Your laugh, your smile  Echoes through rooms and halls  Long lost and barely remembered.  The news came shockingly –  A happened upon obit,  A message from someone you knew,  A call from a mutual friend.  The particulars of how, why, when  Carry little weight –  What matters is that you are gone.  Time, the thief, stole you from now,  Never allowing for a proper goodbye –  Oh the things left unsaid!  Those left behind,  On learning that you now live  In days gone by - among foggy dreams Where the sun always shines –  Pain has ceased its incessant knowing –  Where youth and beauty reign,  Are numbed by the realization that -  No longer will you call - No longer will you hold their hand - No longer will you be there.  Those left behind  May gather to share sorrow,  May find time to stop – to remember  When life seemed eternal  And friends had i