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Memories of Past Holidays

The scents and sounds of this time of year can carry us to days gone by in what sometimes seems like nano-seconds! Peppermint, pine, gingerbread, and hot chocolate all have a link to the past for me. Sleigh bells, carols, and children laughing can take me from doom and gloom to utter joy in lightning speed. I remember as a child hearing the sleigh bells on the rag man's horse. I think I am one of the last "city kids" who remember such things. Another memory of that time is the smell of pine or evergreen that filled the air at the spot where Mr. Morgan sold Christmas trees down on Broadway. Momma would take us to get the tree and then we would make cookies and have hot chocolate before bed. It was always so hard to sleep! It wasn't until I was an adult that I realized how difficult Christmas was for my Mom. We had so little, yet, she created such a magic time for my brothers and I. One Christmas stands out above the rest. First, I was chosen to sing at the Mid