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The Grandmothers' Plea

  I was prompted by this picture of my grandchildren enjoying the beach together, building childhood memories of peace-filled, joyous times of wonder and awe, to write the following poem to the leaders of world.  My grandmother's heart aches for my daughters and their spouses and all the young parents of this world as they navigate the days ahead.    Fear, at times like this, can eat away at the soul, which is why I was looking through photos the other day, coming upon the one above. Seeing the faces of loved ones, transporting my mind to happier times, allows me to keep fear at bay, which of course is something one must do to get through the days ahead.  May we all find a place of peace. May the leaders of this world soften their hearts, open their minds, and realize that, to survive, we must learn to live in peace. The Grandmothers’ Plea    To the men in suits,  leading nations of our children  and our children’s children:  Stop!  Stop taking our young ones  to war on each other.