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From Wannabe to Wife

Last week I had the honor of hosting B. Lynn Goodwin, author of Never Too Late : From Wannabe to Wife  on this blog as a guest blogger.  She wrote about how compromise and acceptance were important components in relationships. Her wisdom comes straight from the heart, as does her writing. Lynn fills her memoir with humor, honesty and a growing, mature love that is often found in the lives of older adults. She pulls the reader in with her ability to mix just enough laughs with reality.  The reality that she met her future husband on Craiglist may cause some to gasp in shock. However, I was nonplussed by the fact that this was the vehicle for their paths to cross. Life has taught me that some of the most wonderful relationships come about through some of the most unusual circumstances.  But, what I wanted to know about was how did they make it work. (I soon learned, but no spoilers have to read the book!) Also, as a minister, I loved the spiritual aspect of the stor

Never Too Late

Today, I am delighted to have a fellow educator and writer as a guest blogger for the Women on Writing Blog Tour of her new book.  B. Lynn Goodwin, author of Never Too Late: From Wannabe to Wife, shares her honest, and often, humorous thoughts on relationships, marriage, hope, faith and most of all, Love! I hope you will enjoy reading her post.  Please feel free to leave a comment. Those who do, will have an opportunity of winning a copy of her book, Never Too Late: From Wannabe to Wife.  Compromise and Acceptance       In my memoir Never Too Late: From Wannabe to Wife , I wrote,    “I never believed that opposites were attracted to one another until I met Richard. Part of the allure was that we got along so well despite our differences. Part of the fear was that I might be on a pink cloud.    “He wanted to marry me as soon as possible. I wanted to wait. He said he needed the influence of a good woman. I avoided the restrictions imposed by any man. Partners in a m