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Reflections on Families Belong Together Rally

Families Belong Together - Rally - Greenfield, MA Some reflections now that the air has cooled and I have had time to ruminate. These are the things I saw that touched me: Children laying in the grass coloring signs that read, "Families belong together." Elderly women standing in front of me with signs that read, "No Baby Jails!" A woman on the street that commented on my tree of life pendant, showed her Jerusalem cross, then with tears in her eyes and voice cracking said, "Next year in Tel Aviv!"  Families of all types standing together. There were songs sung, most of them written by the singers. I had wished the PA system was better because I couldn't hear most of what was sung.  I know that one of the songs was about the Statue of Liberty. There was a refrain about holding her torch high, but I couldn't really get much more than that.    One of the most passionate speeches was from by a woman who told of how her fami

Catch a Dream: Wendy Brown-Baez

Today, I welcome Wendy Brown-Baez, author of Catch a Dream, as a guest blogger. Catch a Dream weaves a story of love, the search for self, pain and descernment, all of which happens in war-torn Israel. Written in the first person, the heroine, Lily, captured my attention immediately. I fell in love with this character and wanted to know how her dilemmas would resolve. I believe most women will see a bit of themselves in Lily. After reading her book, I asked her to answer the following questions. How do we live within contradictions of  loving someone, who is not good for us ? How do we let go of the hold of a bad relationship?  Wendy wrote:  These are a tough questions. How can we love someone and yet keep boundaries? I once shared my frustration about someone I loved and my friend said, “Just because you love him doesn’t mean you have to live with him.” But this is easier said than done when the heart takes over. In Catch a Dream, Lily is mesmerized by Levi’s charm and grat