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When the Heart Is Down

  When you teach English to adult immigrants and refugees, you quickly realize that we are all connected with the same hopes and desires regardless of culture, religion, race, or gender. When you hear about the joys of your students, you celebrate with them. Likewise, when you hear of their sadness, you mourn with them. My "heart is down and my soul is heavy" with all the pain and suffering in the world. I have dear students from all over the world with families suffering because of earthquakes, storms, fires, war, and madness.  I pray constantly that good will conquer evil. I preach the Golden Rule faithfully. I KNOW that Love IS the answer. I also know that fear feeds evil in a way akin to how steroids feed a body but make the mind mad.  As difficult as it is, we must continue to care for one see the beauty inside each person we come in contact with during our days. We must not fall prey to hate. Like a vampire bite, hate produces more hate, and the cycle becom