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Force of Nature

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Dr. Wangari Maathai The first time I heard the term, a force of nature, used to describe Nobel Peace Laureate, Wangari Maathai, I wondered if the writer was being derogatory. After all, I reasoned, a strong woman is often looked down on by those who fear her power.  However, as I learned more about this amazing woman, I realized that this was a term of endearment, a term of great honor.
A force of a hurricane, tornado, or northeaster...Dr. Maathai swept into action creating a new world in her wake.  For the women whose lives she touched, she left confidence, hope for a brighter future, and the knowledge that the world could be different.  For the children whose lives she touched, she taught a love of the environment, a love of self and a love of each other.  For the men her life touched, she was the personification of Grace under pressure, Peace in the storm and Calm Assurance in the midst of chaos.

Dr. Maathai's death has come too soon.  She was a yo…

Still Banned After All These Years!

Words from the Heart was begun several years ago because of my deep belief that language is a powerful tool for creating change, healing and enlightening others.  Writing, for me, has always been a way around being told that I couldn't do something.  You see, confession time here, I hate being told that I can't do something.  
Is it any wonder, then, that observing Banned Book Week is something I relish?  If you want me to read a book, tell me that it is banned.  I will be at the bookstore as soon as I can to get it.
Recently, I purchased the book, Quest for the Living God by Elizabeth Johnson.  More than likely, I would never have read it if I hadn't found an article about how the Catholic Church banned the book.  
After reading the article, I looked the author up.  I found out that she is a nun, theologian, writer and professor.  What, I wondered, is so awful, so sinful about her book that the church feels the need to ban it from their faithful?
I have yet to read the book, …

Support Others In Grand and Small Ways

It is my pleasure today to welcome author, Kathy Handley to Words from the Heart.  Kathy is the author of Birds of Paradise, an exciting novel about a trucker, a runaway teen and a homeless girl.  The three characters support each other in grand and small ways.  Kathy shares some ideas on how we, too, can support each other.

To show our appreciation for your stopping by today, leave a comment and your name will be placed in a drawing for a copy of Birds of Paradise.

Every day we have the opportunity to support others in grand and small ways. The unique gift of supporting others is that we often don’t know the effect our actions have on the recipients of our generosity. We are reminded to smile, care, and support others, and give generously.
Let’s think about how writers support each otherTeacher/student relationship, each adding to the mix of ideasWriter/writing group communicationsFamily and Friends/ respect and protect writers’ timeBuy the book/ read it on Kindle or from the library/em…

Reflections, Inspiration & Sharing

Natal anniversaries are an excellent time for reflection.  After 58 years of life in this amazing reality, I have so much on which to think.  I am constantly and consistently inspired by my daughters, grandchildren, students, family and friends, some of whom I have yet to meet.
As a gift to my readers, I will share some bits of wisdom that have passed my way this year.
Begin and end each day in grateful praise. When we take time to be thankful for all we have, as well as recognize our need for guidance as we proceed through the day, life's little challenges are never too difficult. ~~~~
We are all connected...sons and daughters of the Creator.  We must open our hearts and minds to this reality.  The people at My Fellow Americans are just one group that is working diligently to educate society to this fact.

One person CAN make a difference in the lives of manyMy friend, Maithri Goonetilleke, is one such person, along with a host of other individuals from around the globe …

Wicked Good Guest Post!

Today, I am pleased to share a lovingly written post by Amy Lewis Faircloth, a mom and co-author of Wicked Good. Amy and her sister, Joanne Lewis collaborated on the book - more on that later.  First, let me share Amy's post...
My Sons, My Muses: How My Writing Got Us Through the Teen Years
In Greek mythology, the muses are the goddesses who inspire humans to create art and literature. They are the source of knowledge. Divine beings, they were believed to inspire mortals to do their best.
It is hard to imagine, as muses, people who laugh uproariously at The Three Stooges or at the sound of flatulence. However, my muses do just that. My teenage sons are the source of angst, joy and pride. They inspire this mortal mom to do her best. 

My oldest son struggles with developmental and learning disabilities. He is the inspiration for Rory, the teen-age protagonist, in Wicked Good. My youngest son struggles with accepting the special needs of his older brother. My time is disproportiona…

In the Darkest Moment, Amazing Grace

"The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy." - Martin Luther King, Jr. Image by dave and rose via Flickr
Ten years ago, I worked as a wellness specialist in York Hospital in Maine.  I had arrived at work a bit early, the sun just starting to peak into the basement window of the Wellness Clinic situated in the bottom of the doctor's building across the driveway from the main hospital building.  I remember looking up at the tiny rectangle of a window, thinking what a lovely fall day it was going to be.  The phone rang and life changed forever.
My oldest daughter was on the line hysterically crying.  I couldn't understand what she was saying, so my first action was to calm her.
"Honey, breathe, I can't understand you.  What is wrong?"
Finally, after a long sob, I was able to make out that a plane had crashed into a building in New York.  As she was talking to me, the …

What Am I Afraid Of?

Mari McCarthy is on a blog tour, of which Words from the Hearts just so happens to be part.   Mari is talking about the fears that are universal to all of us at one time or another and how to help ourselves heal through journaling.  

Journaling is, as many of you know from the many posts here on the subject, a marvelous means of finding balance in your life on many different levels.  Mari's new book, Your Money Matters! Use Journal Writing Therapy to Get Financially Fit Now, is a great example of how journal writing can permeate all aspects of life.

Great news, Mari is offering an e-book to some lucky reader.  Simply leave a comment, I will pull a name out of the hat on Thursday 9/8/11.  The winner will be notified via email.
Thank you, Mari for sharing your thoughts and wisdom with us.

Some say that fear is the opposite of love. Certainly, feeling fear is usually unpleasant, unless you're getting a kick out of a horror movie or a roller coaster ride (would you call that a pleasant…

The Pearl of the Aha Moment!

Today, I am blessed to be swapping blogs with, Ber-Henda Williams.  Ber-Henda is a fellow poet, kindred-spirit, Sister of the soul.  She is guesting here and I am guesting on her blog -

My pastor preached last Sunday about finding your “pearl,” that one ounce of truth that no one can define for you, that moment when you go, “Aha!”

I have been shifting through the wheat of my life trying to get to the one thing that mattered most to me, that one thing that I could truly put myself in and find not just happiness but purpose. I have been hosting my own poetry series for five years this coming August but it was not until the earlier part of this year that I found the peace and acceptance of who I am: I am an artist, I am a Poet!

We are always who we are, but it was not until I found myself in a poetic euphoria, while reading the lyrics of Lauyren Hill's “When It All Falls Down” to my poetry class - at the moment, reading her lyrics - that I found my voice an…