Support Others In Grand and Small Ways

It is my pleasure today to welcome author, Kathy Handley to Words from the Heart.  Kathy is the author of Birds of Paradise, an exciting novel about a trucker, a runaway teen and a homeless girl.  The three characters support each other in grand and small ways.  Kathy shares some ideas on how we, too, can support each other.

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Every day we have the opportunity to support others in grand and small ways. The unique gift of supporting others is that we often don’t know the effect our actions have on the recipients of our generosity. We are reminded to smile, care, and support others, and give generously.

  • Let’s think about how writers support each other
  •  Teacher/student relationship, each adding to the mix of ideas 
  • Writer/writing group communications 
  • Family and Friends/ respect and protect writers’ time 
  • Buy the book/ read it on Kindle or from the library/email, Facebook note to author 
  • Set up readings in libraries and bookstores/attend/ask questions, thank the authors 
  • Host a salon discussion 
  • Give feedback and reviews/ Indie Bookstores, Amazon, Twitter 
  • Network-friend to friend-pass on the word about authors, conferences
  •  Pay it forward in time 
  • Throw a book party 
  • Read the book in book club and invite the author in person or Skype

I’ve recently attended readings by Jenna Blum, Ann Hood, Gin Young and Marianne Leone. These writers always thank their readers in person as well as on their sites and on Facebook. They give back. Grub Street, Boston’s creative writing center, gives by providing a myriad of opportunities for writers. Their authors/teachers are accessible and encouraging.

It’s a brand new day - every day. Will you consider how you can support others in your family, career, and friendship circle? It feels good. Have a lovely day. 

About Kathy Handley

Her grandfather entertained his family with stories and dancing, her father quoted Shakespeare and her mother was known as “Mary the Poet,” so naturally, Kathryn would become a writer…eventually!

Now a published novelist at age 71, Kathy’s short fiction has appeared in many literary magazines. She recently won Word Hustler’s Page-to-Screen Contest (2011) and currently serves as Prose Poetry Judge for the National League of American Pen Women Soul-Making Contest. A collection of her work will soon be released under the title A World of Love and Envy (short fiction, flash-fiction, and poetry). 


ckalmes1 said…
When local grocery stores run sales on canned goods, I stock up and drop the food off at the nearest food pantry or food collection site.
What a great idea, Carol! Like many of these ideas, it is really simple. All we need do is think about doing it at the time. Guess that is why it is good to be "mindful" and "in the moment."

Thanks for visiting and giving such us all another idea!

Jen said…
I try to buy books from blog friends on Kindle. Usually they are reasonably priced so I can support them. Lately, so many blogging friends have been publishing I have a backlog on my Kindle. It's great, really.
Linda said…
Hi, Jen!

Thanks for visiting! I don't have a Kindle (yet), but I do have a long list of books to read...piles, in fact, all around the house. I love it, too!
Linda said…
And the winner is....Drum Roll, Please...Jen!


Send your mailing address to my email - - and I will get your book out to you asap.

You will enjoy it, I am sure!

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