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Meeting Milestones

Life is full of milestones. They begin with our first breath and we meet them along Life's journey until the day we come to the ultimate milestone, one which none of us will bypass...death. As children, our parents, physicians and teachers track our milestones, noting if we meet, surpass or fail to reach them. As adults, our milestone are sporadic. They come at odd intervals, sometimes grouping together, sometimes taking years to accomplish. For instance, it took me almost thirty years to receive my Bachelor's Degree. For most people, this is something that happens, usually immediately after high school and in a four year time span. As a writer, I have met many first professional publication, my first job as a writer, my first publication in a journal. Last week, another milestone was met, one that I have waited for over many years of writing. My book of poetry is finally a reality! Winter of the Soul is a compilation of poems written over a span of decad