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My Word for 2023 - Reflect

Sitting here in the early morning hours of the first day of 2023, I will begin by reflecting on last year's words - toast and savor. (This year, my word is "reflect!")  Last year when I hit the Word of the Year generator , I was not happy with my "inspirational" word - toast. For the first time, I hit the generator again. The second time, I got "hope." More like it, I thought. But then, as often happens when I need to pause and think about things, I was led to check the etymology of "toast," which I was thinking of in the noun form, not the verb form.    The etymology states, "toast - a call to drink to someone's health," 1690s (but said by Steele, 1709, to date to the reign of Charles II)." With the pandemic still raging, what better thing to do than to wish someone good health?    During 2022, I found that I "toasted" often and with great sincerity. Many family members and friends battled with health issues. I h