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30 Days in November!

November is only a short couple of days away and I am anticipating with much joy the challenge of writing poetry every day of the month. Those who know me know who much I love poetry. This challenge allows me, as I said in my profile, to promote "Liberty and Literacy for All!" Won't you help me by donating to the challenge?  A typical donation is $30 (a dollar a poem) but you can give whatever you can - every dollar helps and it won't go to waste!  Go to this link to learn more: Here is a little glimpse of what you can expect through November from me.  This one is from the first 30 Days I participate in when I first joined Center for New Americans. AIRMAIL  I whispered -  an ocean away-  to la Luna Bella  hoping that you -  standing on another shore -  would hear the message  only meant  for the ears of  my “querido amigo”  © 2013  Linda M. Rhinehart Neas Thanks in advance for your support!