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Review of "Who Saved Who" by Roslyn Cohn

  As a lover of animals, I was immediately drawn to Roslyn Cohn's book, Who Saved Who. Without giving any spoilers, I can share that this is an autobiographical journey of an award-winning actress, who returns from New York to Marin County where her love of dogs becomes her saving grace.  Her mother is a Naturalist-Animal Rights Activist, and her father is a pawnbroker/jeweler, who thinks out of the box. Roz is raised to be her own person and to pursue her dreams.  This book is filled with stories of how our four-legged family members teach, heal, and inspire us to be better than we are. Each dog described has as unique a personality as each of us.  If you love animals, especially dogs, I highly recommend this book. You will laugh out loud, cry and cheer throughout the book. Best of all, there are photos of Roz, her family, and the dogs.    ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Roslyn Cohn is an actress who has worked from stages the size of a postage stamp to Broadway with the likes of Tony Randall,