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What the World Needs Now...

      Heart Rock   Photo art: (c) 2020 LMRN   As we enter the 6th month of this pandemic, I have been pondering ways to help bring the world Light, Love and Peace. So much around us seems hell bent on destroying these qualities. Yet, as Fred Rogers reminded us , there are always those who do good - there are always helpers.    With that in mind, I thought of how, in my Catholic upbringing, we would do novenas whenever there was a special intention we hoped to have recognized on High. In the Catholic church, a novena is nine days of prayer, offerings, and/or rituals for a specific purpose.  (Novena comes from the Latin words for nine - "novem.")   As an interfaith minister, I spent the morning trying to think of how I could offer a novena that would appeal to people no matter their faith path. Then, as I sat looking out at the birds flying back and forth to the suet feeder, it came to me.     I will host nine days of beautiful photos, inspirational and wise quotes from around