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All the World Needs Now...

Seven years ago, Roger and I declared our love in our garden surrounded by our five beautiful daughters (my four and his one).  Over the past seven years, we have seen each other through near death, job loss, reinventing ourselves, adjusting to life in our fifties, children's marriages, grandchildren's births and the ups and downs of day to day life as a couple. When all is said and done, these have been the happiest years since I raised by daughters.  Roger, my beloved, is one of the kindest, sweetest, compassionate and wise humans I know.  Each day it is a joy to wake with him; each night a joy to snuggle close as sleep slips into our beings. How wonderful to say, I have laughed, more than I have cried; I have smiled, more than I have frowned; and I have enjoyed, more than I can say! These are some poems that I have written for Roger.  I share them with you in celebration of the Love Roger and I share. "All the world needs now IS Love, sweet Love!" When One B

Inequity Hits Close to Home

Image by jollyUK via Flickr I seldom complain, but after the last few weeks of watching the goings on in this country and the world, I feel a tirade coming on! Last week, I went through all the rigamarole to apply for a loan consolidation.  I, after all, am working!  (Thank you, God!)  I knew it would be a tight fit, but the combined income of my four jobs made a consolidation reasonable.  Wrong! You see, while the bank underwriters would accept my freelance writing, they would not accept the two adjunct positions I have because they weren't contractual.  Adjunct professors teach semester to semester depending on funding. So, even though, I am pretty sure I will be teaching in the spring, the bank will not risk it, even though lowering my overall debt through the consolidation would make it easier for me to keep paying my bills IF, God forbid, I don't get hired by the college and university again. So, I ask, how is this fair?  Why can the banks, who were bailed out of c

The Occupy Movement

Image by SEIU International via Flickr   Several years ago, when the economy began its spiral downward, I predicted that there would come a tipping point when the middle class would rise up and revolt.  The past few weeks have fulfilled that prediction as a small group of protesters staged an occupation on Wall Street.  Today, the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement has inspired protests across the country and around the world. Why are these protests spreading like wildfire?  Mainly, it is because 99% of the world is fed up with the 1% who are making huge sums of money, yet not paying their fair share.  Here in the states, we have a Congress made up of a huge percentage of the 1%.  In fact, there seems to be more millionaires in Congress now, than ever in history. Unfortunately, the 1% has forgotten that history repeats itself.  They really need to take a crash course in American and World history...especially focusing on the happenings during the 1700's.  The United States ha

Loved Ones

Unconditional love is difficult to give.  To do so, one must overlook all the imperfections, the bumps and warts, the eccentricities of their loved ones.  This is not easy, but, some people come pretty close to loving unconditionally.  If you are very lucky, they will share the path with you. Roger is one of the dearest, kindest and most loving men in the world. He is one of the primary people on my list of Those I know and Love . Roger is my partner in life, a cheerleader when I need encouragement, and wise counsel when I need a bit of Sophic advice.  Each morning begins with Roger greeting me with, "Good morning, beautiful!" Each evening ends with, "I am so blessed to have you in my life."  You know, it doesn't get much better than this! My daughters are at the top of the list, too, as are my grandchildren.  Each is a gem like no other.  Each brings me such joy! I would be remiss if I didn't add my dear, dear friend Barbara to the top of the list.  We