All the World Needs Now...

Seven years ago, Roger and I declared our love in our garden surrounded by our five beautiful daughters (my four and his one).  Over the past seven years, we have seen each other through near death, job loss, reinventing ourselves, adjusting to life in our fifties, children's marriages, grandchildren's births and the ups and downs of day to day life as a couple.

When all is said and done, these have been the happiest years since I raised by daughters.  Roger, my beloved, is one of the kindest, sweetest, compassionate and wise humans I know.  Each day it is a joy to wake with him; each night a joy to snuggle close as sleep slips into our beings.

How wonderful to say, I have laughed, more than I have cried; I have smiled, more than I have frowned; and I have enjoyed, more than I can say!

These are some poems that I have written for Roger.  I share them with you in celebration of the Love Roger and I share.

"All the world needs now IS Love, sweet Love!"

When One Becomes Two

quiet, peace-filled
thinking, working, meditating
one, singular, two, doubled
talking, playing, loving
resonant, soul-filled

Morning Prayer for Roger

I raise my eyes to the All.
Hear my humble prayer.
Wrap around my Beloved
At the times I am not there
Hold him softly to you
Wrap him in your love
Keep him safe from harm
Protect him from above.

He watches as she holds the coffee mug
Her small work-worn hands lifting it
She pauses
Then breathes in the scent
Like a master breathing in the bouquet
Of a rare wine
She smiles, sips and looks up into his face
Through a dark curtain of lashes

His eyes drop to the guitar
He pretends to have been concentrating on the music
She watches as his hands magically produce
Sounds that tug at her heart
She notices the ease in which he moves
How his eyes shut ever so slightly
When just the right sound comes from the wood and strings

All poems written by Linda M. Rhinehart Neas ©2008, 2009, 2010

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Anonymous said…
See if this works....LOVELY!
Happy's just the beginning. Another beginning. Together. Hurray for you-two!!
Aw, HH...we love you, too! Thanks for your warm wishes. Miss you like crazy. Love, LL and RR
Anonymous said…
Hi Linda, this is Jen from TNS2013. This post was beautiful. It brought tears to my eyes. I have a wonderful fiance who I've been with for only a year and a bit. I am looking forward to my life with him. Reading this makes me look into both the present and the future. He too plays the guitar and I as well love coffee.

Thanks for sharing that.
Welcome, Jen! How wonderful to have one of my seminary "family" visit!

Blessings to you and your beloved. Having someone in your life that celebrated who you are and honors the path you are walking is one of the greatest gifts ever.

Love and Light!
Your post is so lovely. Congratulations on your anniversary. I'll definitely come back again to read more of your poetry. xoxo
Linda said…
Hi, Madeline!

Thanks for stopping by and reading my poems. More to come.


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