Start Where You Are: Interview with Kim Lloyd

I am so happy to share an interview with one of my favorite people who has just published a new book.  Kim Lloyd!  I met Kim virtually through my daughter, Courtney.  Her positive attitude, compassion and enthusiasm resonated with me.  When I learned about her book, Start Where You Are : A beginner's guide to lifting weights and feeling great, I knew I wanted to share it with my readers. Let the interview begin! Welcome, Kim! Before we delve into the book, could you tell the readers a bit about how you got where you are today?   Thank you Linda! And thank you so much for inviting me to share on your page.  Author Elizabeth Gilbert (Eat, Pray, Love) has an incredible talk about not following your passion, but following your curiosity. Though I didn't recognize it at the time, I spent my twenties and thirties doing exactly that. I wrote for a newspaper, coached college sports, freelanced as a photographer, and worked more than my fair share of odd jobs. (Hosing hard boiled eggs

Words to Hold in Our Heart

  Last year, my word for the year was "visit."  Little did I know that 2020 was going to test my ability to re-imagine just what that meant! Shortly after the February first of 2020, I quarantined due to my age and the fact that both Roger and I have health issues that would be problematic if we were to contract COVID.   My last visit to anyone was with my daughters and grandchildren during February vacation.  The pictures I took then have kept me focused on the reason I am not traveling, not working outside the home and not meeting with people except outside and from a distance. For a people person, visiting with others is like air. We need it to live. So, I became adept at "visiting" via Zoom and talking to friends outside 6 feet or more away with masks on. I also found that visiting via snail mail was a joy I had almost forgotten. Letters to and from my grandchildren brought rays of sunshine for both Roger and I to bask in as the days got darker. In addition, wee