30 Poems in November!

While summer and fall play tag with each other, it is difficult to think about November. However, the mid-autumn season of gratitude and poem-ing will soon be upon us.

Once again, I am taking up the challenge to write 30 Poems in November!  This is the major fundraiser for Center for New Americans were I teach English as a second language to adult immigrants and refugees. The event is community-based. Poets from 5 to 95 write poems everyday in November with others pledging their support for the writers. During December, there is a celebration at Smith College's Poetry Center, where poets read one of the poems they have written and attendees can sign up for copies of the anthology that is put together from poems written during November.

This year, I will be focusing my poems on the journey of the immigrants and refugees. I will write about their hopes, dreams, struggles, joys and pain.  I will write about my own family's journeys that make me a third generation American.

If you wo…

Summer's Finale

Summer days are getting shorter. The time for harvest will soon be upon us, along with the new school year, and a multitude of holidays. Seems like, this year, summer relaxation was usurped by the craziness of politics and the constant battle to keep peace and hope alive.

But, as I sit mid-afternoon, with the sun pouring warmth onto my desktop and the green smell of a garden resplendent in the full bloom brought by warm days with plenty of rain, I am grateful. 

Creator of all I see, hear my thanks.
Know that for each blossom I behold, 
for each tree I hug,
for each blade of grass that gently cups my foot,
I give thanks.

As the days diminish into autumnal splendor,
give me the grace to see the beauty in a garden gone by,
bless me with the faith to know that the magic of nature
is not always seen, but is always there.

Thank you, blessed Gardener, for the turn of the seasons and all they bring to us.