Catch a Dream: Wendy Brown-Baez

Today, I welcome Wendy Brown-Baez, author of Catch a Dream, as a guest blogger.

Catch a Dream weaves a story of love, the search for self, pain and descernment, all of which happens in war-torn Israel. Written in the first person, the heroine, Lily, captured my attention immediately. I fell in love with this character and wanted to know how her dilemmas would resolve. I believe most women will see a bit of themselves in Lily.

After reading her book, I asked her to answer the following questions. How do we live within contradictions of loving someone, who is not good for us? How do we let go of the hold of a bad relationship? 

Wendy wrote: 

These are a tough questions. How can we love someone and yet keep boundaries? I once shared my frustration about someone I loved and my friend said, “Just because you love him doesn’t mean you have to live with him.” But this is easier said than done when the heart takes over. In Catch a Dream, Lily is mesmerized by Levi’s charm and grateful for his att…

Me, too! and Worlds Apart

"Worlds Apart" - (c) 2018 LM Neas
I have sat on the sidelines listening to the many revelations that have taken place since the "Me, too!" campaign began.  How heartbreaking to learn that so many people (both men and women) have been sexually assaulted or abused. 
However, in listening and watching, what I find disturbing is the McCarthy-istic trend into which the media seems to be heading. The desire to keep the news fresh and scintillating should not overshadow the responsibility of checking facts or remembering that people are innocent until proven guilty. 
What I am seeing happening is that leading news organizations, as well as tabloids found beside the check-out counters, are grabbing at every bit of inappropriate behavior, hyperbolizing much of it, ruining careers, and causing more pain and anguish.
Don't get me wrong. I believe that those who have used sex as a tool for power and gain should be held responsible for their acts. But, I also believe strongly t…