Facing Our Demons

(c) 2017 Linda M. Rhinehart Neas
We humans are a strange lot when it comes to what we will and won't talk about to others. We will share the most intimate details of our lives. We will discuss STD's without so much as a blush. We will even openly talk and joke about vaginal dryness and penile dysfunction! But, if someone dares mention mental illness, shades are drawn, voices drop to a whisper and denial takes center stage. Why?

I'm not a doctor or researcher; however, after observing humankind for over sixty years, I have my opinion. I believe it all has to do with control. Let me elaborate.

When someone suffers from mental illness, you often hear people say that he or she "is not in control" of his or her senses. In ancient times, people believed that the person with mental illness was possessed by demons. They would be ostracized, cast out of the community, and even killed out of fear that the possession could spread. 

As humanity became more aware of science, the …

Rachmones - Poems of Compassion

I recently had the great pleasure of interviewing my friend and fellow poet, Dr. Pearl Ketover Prilik about her lastest chapbook, Rachmones - Poems of Compassion, which will be "coming soon."  Pearl is an gifted writer and it is a joy to share her interview with you all. I hope you will find something that touches your heart and soul in the following.

Pearl, I am really enthralled with your new book...the poems are so personal, yet so universal! Thank you for sharing them with me. 

Thank you Linda, it means a great deal to me to hear that you enjoyed the poems.

Could you tell us a bit about who you are, what you do professionally and why you write poetry? 

First of all, I think it was a wonderful intervention of the universe that this interview came to me via my commenting on a wonderful poem of your own. In what I term a “previous life-time,” I was a teacher of English and Reading in NYC and prior to that -- a long story in itself -- randomly came to teach little children …