Backyard blessings

Catbird at the suet feeder outside my window
I love learning about nature. For last several years, our garden has been the home to a catbird family. I had been told that local farmers consider them a nuisance because they love to eat blueberries and raspberries. I must say, I took little notice of them...until now.

This year, we put up suet. I found one that had fruit in it and thought it would be a treat. (The package said it would draw songbirds!) Early one morning in April I spied the catbird with his distinctive chestnut colored patch under his tail. He and his mate love the suet! 

This surprised me, so I did some research. 

Catbirds are actually quite amazing. They winter in the tropics amongst Mayan ruins and in Florida as well as the Caribbean. No wonder they like fruit!

They are also quite talented singers. Early in the morning, when I leave for work, they are singing. They mimic other birds and, of course, make cats sounds. Since our green border has grown in, we have a cacophony …

A Letter from the White House

Way back in the last century, I was a journalist for the York County Coast Star. During that time, I wrote about the happenings within the villages of York, Maine. Often, I would begin my column with a commentary on something that happened in the world or within the town.

At that time, George and Barbara Bush were in the White House. Their local paper was the York County Coast Star. 

On several occasions, I wrote about the Bushes. Once, when the president had told everyone he disliked broccoli and later when 150 seniors at Wellesley College protested the fact that Mrs. Bush was to address the graduating class saying, "she is not the type of career woman the college is educating," because, while she attended Smith College, she did not graduate. She left to marry George and begin a family.

The broccoli column was a tongue-in-cheek lament on what would mothers across the nation do to inspire their kids to eat broccoli, now that it was known that the president disliked it. The othe…