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Have you ever walked into a place and felt like you knew it? Have you gone anywhere "new" and thought, "This looks just like..."? Obviously, when those who first came to this country settled here, they must have felt this kind of connection. They made it obvious for future generations by naming places after those in the Old World. Hence, "New" England, "New" Hampshire, etc. I have found in my travels that there are also connections which happen on a smaller scale. Little snapshots of time and space that mirror another. For example: Where was this taken? Beacon Hill...London...D.C.??? It could be any of those places, but... How about this little gem? Ok, so the American flag might give this away as being here in the States, but, it could be in France, Spain or even South America. The point is, these images remind us of other places far from where these photos were taken. Won't keep you in the dark any longer, these two photos are of pl