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Reaching the Finish Line

Photo Credit: (c) 2016 Linda M. Rhinehart Neas The finish line is in site.  The 30 Poems in November challenge is at its end.  One more day of poeming and I will be ready to revise my poems, picking one to read at the celebration held at Smith College's Poetry Center in three weeks. Many, many thanks to family and friends who supported my efforts.  I am blessed, as are our students, by your generosity. For those who may wish to give but haven't yet, simply click on this link: 30 Poems in Nov! Linda Neas . Click on Donate Now and follow the directions.   Today's prompt was to write a love poem (my favorite!).  Here is my contribution: ANOTHER DAY  The alarm serenely plays  a gentle calling to awaken.  I roll over, gathered in by your arms.  Snuggling, we begin our daily ritual of life together.  Giggling over silliness,  we rise to greet the morn,  giving thanks for another day to dance  before breakfast;  to sing harmony to each  others thoughts;  to p

Shades of Angels by Teal L. Gray

I am so excited to have my friend and fellow writer/minister, Teal Gray here on Words from the Heart to introduce her new book Shades of Angels . Teal, what drew me to your book, before I even opened it, was the title. Can you explain how you came up with the title and what it means?  That’s a great question Linda that nobody has asked before. I had interactions with angels throughout my life and they were never the same. There were definite and subtle differences. In life, I believe everything can’t be divided into either a black box or a white box. People, entities, situations, whatever you are dealing with has its own unique traits and perspectives, shades of who they are, if you will. Some are darker shades; some that are more towards the light, would have shades of that end of the spectrum.  I believe we are in between an unseen battle between angels of light, darkness and other entities between those extreme polarities. Some are battling to protect us, while other