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Summer's Finale

Summer days are getting shorter. The time for harvest will soon be upon us, along with the new school year, and a multitude of holidays. Seems like, this year, summer relaxation was usurped by the craziness of politics and the constant battle to keep peace and hope alive. But, as I sit mid-afternoon, with the sun pouring warmth onto my desktop and the green smell of a garden resplendent in the full bloom brought by warm days with plenty of rain, I am grateful.  Creator of all I see,  hear my thanks. Know that for each blossom I behold,  for each tree I hug, for each blade of grass that gently cups my foot, I give thanks. As the days diminish into autumnal splendor, give me the grace to see the beauty in a garden gone by, bless me with the faith to know that the magic of nature is not always seen, but is always there. Thank you, blessed Gardener, for the turn of the seasons and all they bring to us. 

Staying Positive

Many people ask how do I stay positive in times of utter despair. I have several tricks, but one that has yet to fail me is to spend time in my garden looking at the beautiful flowers. I know many don't have gardens or access to them, so here is a photo journal of my time in the garden today.  Enjoy! All Photos:  (c) 2017 Linda M. Rhinehart Neas