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Spirit on the Spot: Inspiration through Art

As part of my attempt to support local artists, I began interviewing some of my artist friends.  This is the latest of these interviews. INTERVIEW WITH REV. CYNTHIA McCARTHY: Minister and Artist   Linda:  Hi, Cynthia! I am so excited to share your multi-talents with my readers. To get us started, could you tell us a little bit about yourself?  Cynthia:  I’m an interfaith minister, guest speaker, and writer. I live in Rome, GA. I give talks and lectures based on new thought principles. (These days you can find me at CSL Midtown Atlanta the third Sunday of every month on their Facebook Live.)  I own a company called Spirit on the Spot, which makes products like magnets, keychains, tiles, original artwork, and pendant necklaces that affirm good things—it’s all based in the positive, new thought philosophy that God is good and our thoughts are things. We create our reality. It’s a ministry to uplift and inspire the world.  Linda: We first met as interfaith ministers, an