Spirit on the Spot: Inspiration through Art

As part of my attempt to support local artists, I began interviewing some of my artist friends.  This is the latest of these interviews.

Linda:  Hi, Cynthia! I am so excited to share your multi-talents with my readers. To get us started, could you tell us a little bit about yourself? 

Cynthia:  I’m an interfaith minister, guest speaker, and writer. I live in Rome, GA. I give talks and lectures based on new thought principles. (These days you can find me at CSL Midtown Atlanta the third Sunday of every month on their Facebook Live.) 

I own a company called Spirit on the Spot, which makes products like magnets, keychains, tiles, original artwork, and pendant necklaces that affirm good things—it’s all based in the positive, new thought philosophy that God is good and our thoughts are things. We create our reality. It’s a ministry to uplift and inspire the world. 

Linda: We first met as interfaith ministers, and through that time, you shared your amazing artistic talents. How did you decide to incorporate both these passions? 

Cynthia: I always say you could have a room full of 100 interfaith ministers and be hard pressed to find 2 that do exactly the same thing! I knew I wanted to minister to others with my writing and teaching, but from a personal perspective, I started to notice that I needed reminders to stay on track spiritually. I found myself making cute doo-dads and artwork for myself to keep me inspired and kindle my faith. It occurred to me that everyone needs reminders! That’s how my passions blended. 

Linda: How awesome!  I know that when I am on Facebook, I delight in seeing the creative posts you share. Do you create all of them yourself? Where do you get your ideas? What medium do you work with?  

Cynthia: I create everything myself, from social media posts, product design, manufacturing, website layout, etc. I use Canva and Inkscape to create pretty much everything. If I’m really feeling artsy I like doing acrylic pour-painting on MDF wood panels. Sometimes, I’ll use my hobby laser to etch a design into the wood and then paint it. Inspiration is certainly everywhere, but believe it or not, I get most of my ideas from reading. I read every day as part of my spiritual practice. Sometimes, a particular topic or line of text just jumps out at me, and I know it needs to be on social media or depicted on a product to inspire others. 

Linda: Inspiration does come from everywhere, for sure.  For other promising artists out there, do you have any words of wisdom you could share about connecting your passions? 

Cynthia:  Don’t force it. Let God lead. I firmly believe that creativity is God expressing Itself through human beings. I also find that having gratitude for talents and ideas causes more talents and ideas to flow. I find the less I worry about “getting followers” or “selling products” the more followers I get and more products I sell! There’s a level of faithful trust to my work, and I’m so grateful for the whole creative process. 

Linda: I agree with that philosophy.  I have found it to be true in my own ministry. Gratitude is so important.
I have visited your website - https://www.spiritonthespot.com/ - and love how positive your art and messages are. What is your favorite work of art and why?

Cynthia: I love them all—they’re my babies! I have a soft spot for my ceramic magnets. I feel like they’re just mini works of art that inspire. I like the clever ones that say “I am a magnet for ______” (miracles/love/health/abundance—you get the idea) and the funny ones that joke about being enlightened or releasing childhood beliefs. Humor is so important on a spiritual journey. We must give ourselves love and grace and be able to laugh at ourselves. 

Linda: Laughter IS the best medicine!  These days, I find myself looking more and more for things that make me laugh. I get a chuckle from reading your magnets.

Before we sign off, is there anything else you would like to share with the readers?  

Cynthia: I just want to encourage people to not give up on God or humanity during these challenging times. These days it’s hard to stay grounded and firm in our faith, but God, Spirit, Universe, Source, or whatever you want to call it, never changes. Life is being balanced out right now for us humans, and we will get through it. Good (God) always prevails. There can be no other way! 

Linda: Thank you so much Cynthia!  Many blessings in your ministry.  I know you are touching many lives with your positive affirmations and art. 

 Reverend Cynthia McCarthy's work can be found on her website: Spirit on the Spot


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