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Poetry on Mother's Day 2020

Since one of the best gifts my Momma gave me was poetry, I am sharing several poems I have written celebrating motherhood.   I dedicate this post to all the mothers of the world. Those who can raise their children without fear, and those who struggle to give their children their best in spite of pain, disease, war, and famine. God bless you all! Enjoy! NURSING BABY Your blue eyes look Wide-eyed in trust As you nourish More than just your body. Love encircles you As you dreamily hum Your baby purr… Deep satisfaction. A song, half sung Lulls you to sleep. Peaceful, warm… You are loved! LMRN © 5-83 LITTLE FINGERPRINTS Our life is cluttered with little fingerprints. They’re everywhere you look! Gone are the days of clean TV screens, Clean windows and un-smeared books. Little fingerprints fill our days now, And though I scrub most off, so smart, The ones I wouldn’t dare to touch Are the ones imprinted on my heart. LMRN © 1984 KATHLEEN VICTORIA Tiny hands reach down to scoop A g