Poetry on Mother's Day 2020

Since one of the best gifts my Momma gave me was poetry, I am sharing several poems I have written celebrating motherhood.  

I dedicate this post to all the mothers of the world. Those who can raise their children without fear, and those who struggle to give their children their best in spite of pain, disease, war, and famine. God bless you all!



Your blue eyes look
Wide-eyed in trust
As you nourish
More than just your body.

Love encircles you
As you dreamily hum
Your baby purr…
Deep satisfaction.

A song, half sung
Lulls you to sleep.
Peaceful, warm…
You are loved!

LMRN © 5-83


Our life is cluttered with little fingerprints.
They’re everywhere you look!
Gone are the days of clean TV screens,
Clean windows and un-smeared books.

Little fingerprints fill our days now,
And though I scrub most off, so smart,
The ones I wouldn’t dare to touch
Are the ones imprinted on my heart.

LMRN © 1984


Tiny hands reach down to scoop
A golden bouquet of leaves.

Tossing them high
She looks to heaven,
Eyes squinting hard in thought.

The elfin figure then begins
An impromptu fairies’ dance.

The trees are raining sunshine!
Autumn magic is everywhere!

LMRN ©1985


Tiny bits of sky
Cloaked in meadow green hoods.
Lavender caps
Set casually on a fairy’s hat rack.
Cloud white bells
Hanging on a grassy cord.

Bits and pieces of creation,
Gathered in a child’s bouquet.

LMRN ©1989

(For Courtney)

You sit in the sun
Like an elf in a garden.
Your green eyes flash
And twinkle…
Showing so much of you
And yet, holding fast to
Some private secret.
Your little pixie face
Shows a hint of the woman
That is yet to be…
Kind, wise, loving,
With a beauty that shines
From deep within
Your flashing green eyes!

LMRN ©1992


An elfin figure,
Your sparkling green eyes
Flashed with mischief!

The wisdom of Merlin
Captured in a pixie smile.

Magically, time has flown.
Now, instead of capturing rainbows
Or searching flowerbeds for fairies,
You capture hearts
And search for answers to age-old questions.

The pixie child has cast off her cloak
As the Lady Gwendolyn gracefully
Takes Life by the hand!

LMRN © 1992


Many among us
Celebrate milestones by
Adding up the number of things
150 years in business,
7.5 million gold records,
25 Emmy nominations...
The experts count
After 50 years of life,
My greatest accomplishment
Is also my most prized
The four radiant gems
Held fast in the crown
Of my heart...

LMRN © 2003


Sharing special moments
Sunshine mornings
Sunflowers and dandelion bouquets

Drying tears that come from pain
Dancing till we-all-fall-down
Daring to giggle gracefully

Watching my girl/child bloom into womanhood
Wishing her a life full of joy
Walking with pride cuz I'm Lizzy's Mom

For Elizabeth's 21st Birthday

2004 © LMRN


The day began as all others.
Responsibilities lay in wait as I rushed to meet them.
Daily tedium rained through the morning,
The gray skies of doubt and indecision placed
A pall over the Sunshine of Hope.

Just as I prepared for rest,
The call came to rush to our designated meeting.
Evening descended with fog and rain.
The sky shone white in the headlights
As I drove into the Light of Night.

Just as you pushed into Life,
I pushed wide the doors of your room.
Reaching your side, tears rained down,
Clouds of doubt and longing parted.
The Sun of Love glowed supreme.

The day began like no other,
The first day after my birth and yours.
Tears had given way to coos and smiles…
Mornings clouds mimicked the pink of your cheeks
As I held you close to my grandmother heart.

2005 © LMRN


Each of the four sisters looks with eyes 
that take me back...back in time. 
Back to Momma with her jet black hair 
and crazy cat's green eyes, 
that turn blue when she's happy, 
but gray when she's sick. 
Back to Nana with her gentle smile 
that hides the pain of disease 
eating away at her body - gone too soon. 
Back to Great Grandma with hat firmly placed - 
ready to take on the world - 
a suffragette with a twinkle in her eye. 
Back to women I only knew through 
Momma's stories of how strength and beauty 
fly from the same peaks, entwined forever 
in the women from our family. 

© 2020 LMRN



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