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Liberty and Literacy for All - Halfway to the Goal

Halfway to through the 30 Days in November! Challenge. As promised, this year, I am writing poems for each and every person who donates to my page as my thanks for believing in me. This poem was a joy to write. Hannah and I became friends through the friendship of our daughters. The minute we met, something clicked. We "knew" each other even though we had never met before. For me, this is a special kind of that I believe comes from above when we most need someone who understands us.  Thank you, HH for all your support, love, understanding and kindness over the years we have known each other. You are a special Light in this world. Shine bright, my dear sister!!  Now, here is your poem:  Ties That Never Break  From the moment we met,  friendship - kinship wrapped  an intricate knot around us.  We are sisters of the soul,  best friends forever,  kindred spirits,  who giggle over cups of endless tea,  who understand the other's pain,