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What I Have Learned Thus Far...

 As I enter the last decade of my sixties, I have been thinking about all I have learned thus far. Thought I would share some thoughts (half of what my age is) with you all. 1. Change is the only constant in life! 2. Kindness doesn't cost a penny. 3. Everyone is connected. 4. A cup of tea helps make things better. 5. Grandchildren are life's greatest delight. 6. The Divine is Love; Love is the Divine. 7. We are all stardust; therefore, we are all related. 8. Life lived in full bloom is joyful. 9. A positive attitude is contagious. 10. Being content with what you have saves you from a lot of stress. 11. Watching flowers grow remind us of life's joys. 12. Gratitude changes lives. 13. Give thanks daily! 14. Forgiveness is the greatest gift you can give yourself. 15. Poetry allows us to speak from our souls. 16. Music calms, inspires and entertains. 17. Laughter IS the best medicine. 18. Binging on Star Trek series, spin offs and movies can get you through a pandemic. 19. We ar