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Changing the World with Waves of Loving-Kindness

Back in May, I began an event on Facebook - Changing the World with Waves of Loving-Kindness .  My thoughts were, that if we do just one act of loving-kindness a day, the ripple effect of it will change the world.   Since I have been busy with that, I have neglected my blog, here.  But, today, I have decided that my act of loving-kindness would be to tell those I love - whether near or far - thank you for being in my life!  What better mode of communication to you all, than my blog?! When I first thought of doing this event, I wondered if I could actually come up with examples of how the ripple effect works.  Silly me!  Creator led me to this wonderful video that shows exactly what I was thinking about. I love this story, because it reminds me of the hundreds of kindnesses done to me over many, many years (more than half a century, now!).  I have done my best to live by the example of those who have blessed me - giving what I can, when I can.  How awesome to realize that each