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Book Review: Odyssey of Love

When asked to review, Odyssey of Love by Linda  Jämsén , I was intrigued.  Not only did Linda have roots in the same part of Eastern Europe as my family, but her family lived not far from my present home. In addition, she lived in Boston, close to where I grew up as a child.  Parallel's like these always draw me to a book, but what really keeps me reading is the writing. Linda  Jämsén is an excellent wordsmith who knows how to turn a phrase, build tension and create suspense, all of which enable the reader to feel as if they are part of the plot.   One thing that truly touched me was the advise Linda receives from the psychic, Angelica, that she visits to "settle down, not settle for."  If the reader gets nothing else from this book, this one bit of advice is worth its weight in gold! I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys memoirs, love stories and the drama of real life! I know I am looking forward to the release of her sequel, Triptych ! About the Author, L