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A Letter from the White House

Way back in the last century, I was a journalist for the York County Coast Star. During that time, I wrote about the happenings within the villages of York, Maine. Often, I would begin my column with a commentary on something that happened in the world or within the town. At that time, George and Barbara Bush were in the White House. Their local paper was the York County Coast Star.  On several occasions, I wrote about the Bushes. Once, when the president had told everyone he disliked broccoli and later when 150 seniors at Wellesley College protested the fact that Mrs. Bush was to address the graduating class saying, "she is not the type of career woman the college is educating," because, while she attended Smith College, she did not graduate. She left to marry George and begin a family. The broccoli column was a tongue-in-cheek lament on what would mothers across the nation do to inspire their kids to eat broccoli , now that it was known that the president disl

Remembering Omar

In the early 70's, I was treated to dinner at Josef's Restaurant in Copley Square, Boston. Josef's was under the management of Locke-Ober's, another famous Boston eatery.  The fare included New England favorites but also culinary delights from France, Germany and beyond. I had  Vichyssoise for the first time that evening. But, this is not the story I want to share... On April 10, Google memorialized the actor Omar Sharif, best known for his portrayal of Dr. Zhivago. The minute I saw the Google Doodle, my mind flew to that night at Josef's. My supervisors were taking me out for a special treat to celebrate the work I did with young children and my upcoming graduation from Baystate College (at the time known as Baystate Junior College for Women). I was dressed in my very best mini dress with hair  coifed  to perfection. As we entered the restaurant, I was telling a story in my usual hands-flaying-in-air-not-paying-attention way.  Without breakin