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Lives of the Saints: Words of Wisdom

Saint Bonaventure Window (Photo credit: Niall McAuley ) As a young child, I was captivated by the Lives of the Saints. Reading about their heroic deeds, their sacrifices and their words of wisdom encouraged me to try to be the best I could be. Saints, back then, were exceptionally holy people that acted like mentors or models for Catholics.  As far as I was told, other religions didn't have saints.  What a shock when at close to 60, I find out that there is no monopoly on saints.   Saints are by definition is a person of "great holiness, virtue and benevolence."  Therefore, saints can exist everywhere!  What a delight for me, as a interfaith seminarian, to learn words of wisdom from these holy people. Wisdom, when encapsulated into short proverbs or memorable sayings, works best for me.  I can repeat the lines over and over, when I need affirmation or if I need help to keep from despair.   Since St. Valentine's day was this past week, I thought I would s