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All Poetry Is Prayer

This quote, "All poetry is prayer," is credited to Samuel Beckett. For me, no truer statement has been made! November begins the annual 30 Poems in November fundraiser for Center for New Americans (CNA). With all the wars, natural and manmade disasters around the world, our numbers at CNA are growing. Grants from both private and governmental organizations keep us afloat, but it is the donations to our fundraising that allows us to offer technology in the classrooms and assistance for various special projects that arise during the year.  This year, I have decided to write a poetic prayer each day in November. I will then put them in a book and publish them. I will send a signed copy of the book to all those who contribute to my efforts. In addition, once the book is live on Amazon, I will donate the royalties to CNA. I pray that you will find it in your heart to donate.  Here is the link:  Language of All People – Center for New Americans ( Thank you all in advance!

Reflecting on 70 years of Life

A few weeks ago, I joined many of my friends as a septuagenarian.  I honestly find it difficult to believe that many years have come and gone, but I am ever grateful for being here! This year, my word for the year was reflect. There has been a lot to reflect on this year. In my reflections, I have had the opportunity to share with my oldest granddaughter some of the wisdom or life hacks that have come my way.  I thought I would share them with all of you, as well.  First and foremost – be true to yourself! Never let others talk you out of being YOU! Don’t give up on your dreams. You may not get there immediately, but you WILL get there if you keep focused on what they are.  Look both ways more than once before crossing the street, at stop signs, red lights, and railroad tracks. Never assume that the other people will stop. Try not to be reactionary. Think before you speak, make decisions, or act on something that is happening.  Make your bed every day. This sounds trivial, but ma