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Curses: Real, or Not??

Today, I have the great pleasure of sharing in a blog tour for Caught Between Two Curses a new book by my fellow writer, Margo Dill.  Margo is sharing some thoughts about the reality (or not) of curses.   In 2003, it looked like the Chicago Cubs might actually make it to the World Series and have a chance to break the Curse of the Billy Goat—put on them by William Sianis, when he was forced to remove his goat from Wrigley Field in 1945. He said the Cubs would win no more. (Of course, they hadn’t won a World Series since 1908, but baseball legends are much more fun than just bad teams.) Then at a 2003 playoff game, Cubs vs Marlins, Steve Bartman, a Cubs fan, interfered with a foul ball, and the Cubs wound up losing the game and the series. The Marlins went to the World Series, and Bartman’s name because a dirty word in Chicago.    But what made Bartman react the way he did? Was it the Curse of the Billy Goat? Were the Cubs getting too close to success? That’s what I decided, an

A Visit to Helene's

Old books in a Charing Cross bookstore Photo credit: By Elliott Brown from Birmingham, United Kingdom  Way back in 1971, I wrote to an author in New York whose book I had devoured.  The author, Helene Hanff wrote back, to my surprise, telling me that she had just gotten back from a "dream trip," and would be "writing about it soon." At the tender age of almost 18, I was thrilled to get a reply from a "real" author.  My dream was to be published someday like Helene. When her second book was published, I bought a first edition copy, not really understanding at the time how special that would be. As years went by, I carried my two copies and the letter Helene sent with me from home to home. Occasionally, I would re-read the books, laughing and crying just as I had when I was a 17 year old doing summer reading.  When I moved to the Enchanted Cottage, I placed them together on a shelf where I could easily find them...then, as happens...I forgot a

Mothers Day Thoughts

As the mother of four daughters, grandmother of seven wee ones and auntie, grandaunt and great-grandaunt to more wee ones, I have been surrounded by mothering this year.  Is it any wonder that on this special day, I find myself reflecting...   From a young age, I loved mothering.  I rocked my dolls, spend endless hours changing clothes, washing them, styling their hair and reading them stories.  As I grew older, I adored babysitting. In fact, I would rather baby sit than go on a date!  Then, I had four amazing little girls who have grown into equally amazing young women, three of whom have blessed me with grandbabies.   Being Silly and Creating memories The Girls and grandchildren This year, I became a grand aunt and a great grand aunt!  What a joy it is to watch these "babies" I once held on my lap, having babes of their own. Me, daughter, Courtney and clan at Castle Island  Just last week, I had a very bittersweet trip to Castle Island in South Bost