Mothers Day Thoughts

As the mother of four daughters, grandmother of seven wee ones and auntie, grandaunt and great-grandaunt to more wee ones, I have been surrounded by mothering this year.  Is it any wonder that on this special day, I find myself reflecting...


From a young age, I loved mothering.  I rocked my dolls, spend endless hours changing clothes, washing them, styling their hair and reading them stories.  As I grew older, I adored babysitting. In fact, I would rather baby sit than go on a date!  Then, I had four amazing little girls who have grown into equally amazing young women, three of whom have blessed me with grandbabies.

 Being Silly and Creating memories
The Girls and grandchildren

This year, I became a grand aunt and a great grand aunt!  What a joy it is to watch these "babies" I once held on my lap, having babes of their own.

Me, daughter, Courtney and clan at Castle Island 

Just last week, I had a very bittersweet trip to Castle Island in South Boston with one of my daughters and my grandchildren.  The last time I had been there was with my mother, shortly before she got too sick to go out.  On more than one occasion during our time on the island, I found tears running down my cheeks.  I kept expecting to see my Mom and Dad sitting on a bench waiting for us to finish our walk around the fort.  Perhaps that is why I have been thinking so much about being a mother.

Four Generations

Mothering is one of the most difficult jobs anyone can do.  Whether the child you mother comes from your womb or captures a place in your heart, from the first moment you hold them your work for them never ends.  Mothers are multifaceted Jills of all trades.  They cook, clean, nurse, add figures, balance accounts, buy, sell, remake, create, invent, and discover.  They mend clothes, patch holes and repair broken hearts.  They dry tears, kiss bruises and simply provide a presence when we need it most.  When our mothers are gone, nothing fills the empty place their presence leaves in our lives. 

Me with all seven grandchildren - Can't think of a happier time in my life!
The only thing better than being a Mom for me is being a Grandmother!
Blessing to Mothers everywhere!


Janet Martin said…
Amen! beautiful. God bless you this Mother's Day
Thank you, Janet! I am blessed! Having a wonderful time with my girls and grandchildren.

Margo Dill said…
Love those photos. You and your grandchildren look like you have SO MUCH FUN! Lots of smiles and giggles.
Thanks, Margo! We do have a great time together!

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