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So Close...and Yet...

Well, I almost made my goal of $750...just $185 short. On the other hand, I wrote 37 new poems!  I am now working on selecting the ones I want to publish.   As I go through them, I realize I have a couple of different themes that have run throughout the 30 days.  The most common one is teaching English as a second language and immigrants.  This is followed by love. Then, there are a few that have to do with grandchildren.  Interestingly, I did get on the old soapbox and write a poem that is an open letter to the world about doing what needs to be done and not simply talking about it. Maybe there will be a couple of books in this mix! Above is one of my favorite poems.  Hope you enjoy it as well.  Oh, and while 30 Poems in November is over, as far as the poem-ing goes, donations are still being collected.   If you want to help gift literacy to adults, please visit Donations are tax deductible.  Thanks for your help!!! Nam