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Love Celebrated Daily

Those who know me, know that I am not a big fan of St. Valentine's Day. Not because I am no longer Catholic, but rather because of the commercialism that surrounds it. Let's face it, people are guilted into sending cards, giving candy, flowers, gifts and going out to eat even if they don't have the money.  My feeling on this is strong. Don't tell me you love me one day in the me every day.  Love stagnates when we only recognize it once every 12 months. But, when we share it daily, when we do little kindness that say, "I love you," and when we take the time to "be" with those we love, Love grows, overflows and spreads out into the universe! So, on the eve of this St. Valentine's Day, may all my family and friends be assured of my Love for them, not because I remembered to say something on this occasion, but because I try to show them daily how much they mean to me.  Blessings to all!