Inequity Hits Close to Home

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I seldom complain, but after the last few weeks of watching the goings on in this country and the world, I feel a tirade coming on!

Last week, I went through all the rigamarole to apply for a loan consolidation.  I, after all, am working!  (Thank you, God!)  I knew it would be a tight fit, but the combined income of my four jobs made a consolidation reasonable.  Wrong!

You see, while the bank underwriters would accept my freelance writing, they would not accept the two adjunct positions I have because they weren't contractual.  Adjunct professors teach semester to semester depending on funding. So, even though, I am pretty sure I will be teaching in the spring, the bank will not risk it, even though lowering my overall debt through the consolidation would make it easier for me to keep paying my bills IF, God forbid, I don't get hired by the college and university again.

So, I ask, how is this fair?  Why can the banks, who were bailed out of collapse by the Federal government, refuse to help me when I WANT to pay them?  How can they take our money (We don't think of it this way, but the Federal money is OUR money...our taxes are what is used to cover all the bills in Washington.) not pay it back and then deny my consolidation?

Is it any wonder that people are protesting?  1% have our money to play with and we the 99% are shafted, left and right.  Arrggggghhhh!!!!!


OK, got that out of my system.  On the other hand, I am blessed beyond measure with a wonderful life partner who honors me.  We will be celebrating our 7th anniversary this coming week.  These have been the seven happiest years of my life, with the exception of raising my daughters.  

The government may take my money, but they will never take the riches I have in family and friends.  

May we all find ways to count our blessings, even in the face of inequity.


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Alv0808 said…
I'm sure some people having a same problem like for sure you're blessed with your family and friends..Have a great weekend
Jen said…
I hate the banks. Whenever I see someone get away with robbing a bank dressed as Gumby or something silly I feel very good about it and hope the robber gets away. Of course the bank will get bailed out. Argh, I'm getting mad just thinking about it.
Danabee said…
Linda, I have similar tirades at least weekly if not more often. It is totally wrong on the part of the banks to deny spending the bailout money on those who bailed them out!!! Hot damn! Watch "Inside Job" about the banks and mortgages they wielded on an unsuspecting public -- it's on Netflix. I haven't watched it yet but understand it is excellent - and enraging. We all need to be enraged right now, protest more. We aren't lambs to be led to slaughter.
Linda said…
Dear Alv,

Yes, many people have the same problem or worse. I am so grateful for my family and friends.

Peace, Linda
Linda said…
Hi, Jen!

Thanks for your had me giggling like a little girl...the image of a bank robber dressed as Gumby! What a hoot!

Thanks for lifting my spirits!
Linda said…
Dear Danabee,

You are so right...we are NOT lambs being led to slaughter. Everyone needs to start protesting, sending letters to Congress and reminding the folks in Washington that they work for US not the other way around.

One day at a time is my philosophy at the moment.

Thanks for your visit.


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