Reflections on Families Belong Together Rally

Families Belong Together - Rally - Greenfield, MA

Some reflections now that the air has cooled and I have had time to ruminate.

These are the things I saw that touched me:

  • Children laying in the grass coloring signs that read, "Families belong together."
  • Elderly women standing in front of me with signs that read, "No Baby Jails!"
  • A woman on the street that commented on my tree of life pendant, showed her Jerusalem cross, then with tears in her eyes and voice cracking said, "Next year in Tel Aviv!" 
  • Families of all types standing together.
There were songs sung, most of them written by the singers. I had wished the PA system was better because I couldn't hear most of what was sung.  I know that one of the songs was about the Statue of Liberty. There was a refrain about holding her torch high, but I couldn't really get much more than that. 
One of the most passionate speeches was from by a woman who told of how her family lived through the Holocaust and how she never thought she would see fascism raise its ugly head again. She called for people to do what they could to make changes. 
There is so much each of us can do. Some things really take no effort. 
Here are some suggestions:
  1. register to vote - help others to register
  2. VOTE!
  3. defend those who are being targeted
  4. become active in community organizations (there are lots of them)
  5. support organizations such as the ACLU
  6. share information on social media (make sure what you share is real, not fake news - only uses reliable sources)
  7. question what you hear, read, see - develop your critical literacy
  8. put up a sign, wear a button, stick a bumper sticker on
  9. write a letter, make a phone call, send an email
  10. practice random acts of kindness
Oh, and did I mention VOTE?

Together, we will stop this.  Don't give up.  Don't think your efforts are not making change, because slowly, things are changing.  Keep off the news - it only frustrates and angers you. Look for the good things that are happening around you and share them with others. 
Blessings to all!


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